Pikku Mökki – Our Little Cabin

Aliner – 2020 Ranger 12

We ordered our Aliner Ranger 12 with rear sofa floor plan May 2020 and picked it up in July. Extra options ordered were 2 front stabilizers, high wind lift assist kit, front & rear soft-sided dormers, and furnace.



  • Added level gauges on tongue
  • Installed rear cargo door purchased from Aliner
  • Added upper shelves to cabinet by door
  • Replaced table post with Cypress™ Table Leg & Base System
  • Install ceiling CO detector
  • Moved LP tank bracket so it doesn’t contact tank
  • Added “curtain rod” for side panel brace
  • Added spring keepers and reinforce angle stock purchased from Aliner
  • Added removable shelf behind sink
  • Added folding shelf behind right rear cabinet


Electrical Panel below couch

Interior Improvements

Can never have enough storage options

Two sticker kits were used

Stick on wall art purchased from Amazon.

Usable storage in the wheel wells

Double mitered corners

Rear of the Aliner serves as either a twin bed or a couch by tailoring with large and small cushions. Custom made fitted sheets complete with a sewn in mattress pad.